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Description :
Rhassoul or Ghassoul (pronounced Rasul ) is a natural mineral clay that is extracted from the only known deposits in the world, located on the edge of the Middle Atlas Mountains , Morocco.
It is a natural rock, 100% ecological .
The clay is reduced to powder to mix with water or micellar argan oil for face care , body as well as hair.

Multiple minerals : magnesium , iron, sodium , zinc, phosphorus and potassium
Its minerals, its washing power and ability to exchange important ions :
- It absorbs excess sebum and removes impurities for soft, silky skin
- It tightens pores and brightens the complexion
- It regenerates tired and dull skin

Rasul aromatic extracts : In addition to the above mentioned qualities , aromatherapy scented with extracts of lavender and rosemary cries and soothes.

Why I use it :
- When I want to give my face a glow immediate
- For volume and shine effect my hair
- For silky- soft skin without the abrasive effect of a scrub
- In mask first , it boosts the effect of my creams clearing the skin of any excess sebum and impurities

How I use it :

 For the glory of my face :
Recipe for combination skin : Rhassoul 16 gr + Micellar water 16gr
Apply this paste on the face light massage
Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse
Recipe for dry skin : 16 gr + Rhassoul Argan Oil 8 oz
Apply this paste on the face light massage
Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse

 For my shiny and voluminous hair ( hair mask )
Recipe: Rhassoul 36 gr 36 gr + warm water + Argan Oil 8 oz
Wet all its hair
Leave the paste on the hair root
Gently massage the scalp. Leave for 5-10 minutes
Rinse while combing her hair
NB : natural hair color without
For a shampoo, replace argan oil by warm water

 For my skin soft and silky (body) :
Recipe: Rhassoul 72 gr + 36 gr Sensual oil
Take a shower with hot water
Stop and massage the paste on the entire body of the shower water
Rinse with warm water

8 grams = 1 teaspoon
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