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A natural exfoliant :
From a process of saponification between olive oil , argan oil and potassium hydroxide, the olive paste prepares the skin for the exfoliation combined with the spectacular Kessa glove.
Handmade in Marrakech in a cauldron.

Recognized by dermatologists for its calming and soothing effect, it also treats itching and recalcitrant psoriasis.
The pH of the soap being basic ( about 10.5 Fitted) while the pH of the skin 's acid ( about 5.5 ), the combined action of the steam and opens the pores of the basicity soap black who acts as a real cleansing of the skin helps eliminate dead skin cells.
Its color is variable depending on the oil quality .
The honey color comes from extra pure olive oil and argan ( unlike the traditional black soap black / greenish oil obtained on a very low quality olive pomace ).
The amber color of black olive aromatic extracts from natural color including aromatic lavender extracts .

Why I use it :
  • Before leaving on vacation for a uniform and lasting tan
  • When my skin becomes rough , I gum 1 wink all its imperfections
  • For silky- soft skin without the abrasive effect of a scrub
  • Before applying my milk self-tanner for a natural effect

How I use it :

Relaxing in the bath :
To run a hot water bath
Moisten the body using a glove and its application to the wet skin massaging soap
Immerse themselves in the bath for 15 minutes
Rub with the scrubbing glove Kessa (still in the bath )
Rinse with warm water in the shower

Efficiency and speed in my shower :
Take a shower with hot water
Stop and rub the soap on the shower water body
Rinse and rub the body with a scrubbing glove Kessa
Rinse with warm water
Paste daily shower ( ultra soft and very effective ) , emulsified in circular motions all over the body and rinse

My hands and feet care cleaning & whitening :
Recipe: container of hot water + a + black soap nuts juice of 1 lemon
Plunge his hands and / or feet in water
Let them ask 5 minutes
Out a foot ( or hand) and apply to each cuticle and massage the soap
Dip your foot again (or hand) in hot water 5 minutes
Push cuticles in '' with a stick . rinse

NB : never put soap in your eyes
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