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                                            100% NATURAL 

Triple Action Beauty for all types of skins: 

- It has a unique regenerative power against wrinkles, spots and scars. 
  Argan oil stimulates the production of collagen under the skin and thus effectively fight against free radicals 
  responsible for the wrinkles of the face and neck as well as signs of aging on the hands and body.
  Its anti-aging is recognized.

- Argan oil has a restructuring action and rehydrating the skin. It is firmer, softer and smoother.
  It found and all its natural elasticity. 
  It hydrates and thus avoids the dryness and chapping of the skin. 
  It works wonders against stretch marks. It also returns all their vitality to nails.

- Argan oil is an excellent hair oil to restore flexibility, strength and shine to the hair by fighting against the dry, brittle hair.
Few examples of using:
Face care
After your evening cleansing, apply argan oil on your face and neck.
Massage gently in circular motion to penetrate.
Ideally, use to replace your night cream.
Nail care
Once a week, mix equal parts of argan oil and lemon juice.
Dip your nail for 15 minutes then wash your hands with mild soap.
If your nails are brittle, repeat the process daily.
You can use your preparation by keeping it in a clean, dry flask for a week..

Hair care
Apply argan oil to the whole of your hair.
Massage and leave on for about 30 minutes before to wash with a mild shampoo.
The argan oil revitalizes and feeds the scalp while bringing brightness, flexibility and vitality.
To finish, deposit some oil drops of argan on your fingers and mix the tips of your hairs.
Use the Argan oil to protect the hair from the drying effects of sunbathing, sea and chlorine.
Irritated skin and sunstrokes
From the first appearance of redness, apply argan oil on your sunburn.
It will soothe the burn.
It allows the hands and faces badly treated by the cold, wind or salt (notices to mariners ...) to soften and helps to regenerate.

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